Friday, 22 May 2009

Abbott and Ellwood
Figurative Hand Printed Metal Brooches
(pictured here 'over the sea' (c) Abbott and Ellwood)
We have new stock of these wonderful brooches, our customers loved them and so did we and we are pleased to have more available. Kim and Mike live and work in St Ives, Cornwall and their work is inspired by their amazing surroundings. The brooches are absolutely lovely and far too nice to put away in a drawer, but don't let that worry you, they each come with a nice stand so that you can display them, this also makes chosing which one to wear much easier. In fact your only problem will be deciding which ones to add to your collection. Your brooch will give you a happy day, it will make you smile when you put it on and people can't help telling you how nice it looks when you wear it - I guess that's a win/win situation. My hubby borrows mine sometimes to wear on his hat and they look good there too.