Monday, 27 July 2009



Fun original watercolour studies by our great friend Joan Darlington. Joan's observations of people are fabulous, she captures the humour of everyday situations. These seaside paintings are reminiscent of those very British Summer Holidays. We also have etchings from Victoria Dean, whose clever thoughts add amusement to her miniature work. Richard Goodwin-Jones' boats and lighthouse have an obvious place in our summer window as do the brooches from the ever popular Abbott and Ellwood, these feature boats bobbing about in the sea. Niki Guy's glass jewellery is very apt too, as she collects a lot of the glass she recycles from the sea shore. Something for everyone, come along and see for yourself......


Sept/Oct 2009)

Beverley working in her Studio
An exhibition of wonderful work from this acclaimed Shropshire Artist - Including a viewing of her double portrait of the two Anna’s,
Shropshire High Sheriff for 2008 Anne Gee and
Shropshire High Sheriff for 2009 Anna Turner
Our very successful Exhibition Launch was held on the 2nd September
We were grateful to have The High Sheriff -
with Beverley to launch the Exhibition


An Exhibition of work from Charlotte, including several of her nostalgic paintings on canvas, which have proved so popular. A Musician, Charlotte clearly enjoys her art as another side of her obvious creative talents. It is a real pleasure for us to have her work at the Gallery

Friday, 22 May 2009

Abbott and Ellwood
Figurative Hand Printed Metal Brooches
(pictured here 'over the sea' (c) Abbott and Ellwood)
We have new stock of these wonderful brooches, our customers loved them and so did we and we are pleased to have more available. Kim and Mike live and work in St Ives, Cornwall and their work is inspired by their amazing surroundings. The brooches are absolutely lovely and far too nice to put away in a drawer, but don't let that worry you, they each come with a nice stand so that you can display them, this also makes chosing which one to wear much easier. In fact your only problem will be deciding which ones to add to your collection. Your brooch will give you a happy day, it will make you smile when you put it on and people can't help telling you how nice it looks when you wear it - I guess that's a win/win situation. My hubby borrows mine sometimes to wear on his hat and they look good there too.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Bookings are now being taken for this One-Day Tiara Making Workshop contact Maggie to book your place - Monday 8th June 2009 THIS WORKSHOP IS FULLY BOOKED
See the link on the right for information of other Workshops run by Maggie

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Shropshire Life - May 2009 Issue

Reporter, Dave Hancock, visited me earlier in the year and he has put together an interesting piece in the magazine. If you get a chance please have a look, I will try to post a PDF file of the article on this Blog. Dave has been very clever in piecing together a number of photographs, which has enabled him to cover lots of different aspects of the Picture Framing Workshop and the Gallery. Fortunately for me he has managed to make me look as though I am just visiting from an episode of the Borrowers! - only joking Dave, it's a great article, many thanks.

Monday, 27 April 2009


Last week I was at the WIRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) 'Thrive and Grow'. I was so glad I went, I came away so inspired and with renewed passion for my business. The speakers were inspirational and the Workshop Sessions great. It was worth it just to take part in Anna Farmery's 'Blogs, Pods and Twitters' Session - thanks Anna, he I am with my Blog set up, thanks to you.

The whole day was so well organised and professional, thanks to the great team at WIRE, thanks to all of you, and thanks for the food too, what a treat, lovely.

For anyone who has not renewed their membership because they believe WIRE to be only beneficial to 'Start Ups' may I suggest you look again, I have found it very helpful. I came away with loads of new contacts, made lots of new friends and was really buzzing with enthusiasm to get stuck in to all those projects which seem overwhelming.

Kavita Oberoi was particularly inspirational, as she said, you really can do anything you want to and if you have other stuff which you have to do, then you just do it - she certainly has - what an inspiration to us all.


I am a country girl at heart and I really enjoy a day at home pottering about in the garden with the animals roaming around and the birds singing away. Working in my garden studio, surrounded by all my inspiration, which I have collected since I was a child.I have always enjoyed being creative, collecting found objects and reusing old fabrics, papers and packaging. When I was young I spent many happy hours with my Mum making all sorts of things and in the summer holidays I can remember staying with my grandparents and having a super time being really creative, stitching with my grandmother and painting with my grandad.The current on-going trend of vintage makes me smile as I seem to have been living a life full of 'vintage' finds since I was a small girl. In the 1970's I had a lovely velvet jacket with lots of gold brocade trimming, I wonder whatever happened to that. My grandmother gave me lots of lovely old clothes and I still have several of them. Two silk blouses with lots of delicate hand embroidery, both of which I wore until they started to come apart and were too fragile. Chating to a close friend recently, she commented on how she remembered the lovely old clothes I used to wear and how I didn't like to follow what everyone else was doing - sounds a bit freeky doesn't it. I remember thinking that I looked quite classy and a bit chic, so I'll hold that thought.......