Monday, 27 April 2009


I am a country girl at heart and I really enjoy a day at home pottering about in the garden with the animals roaming around and the birds singing away. Working in my garden studio, surrounded by all my inspiration, which I have collected since I was a child.I have always enjoyed being creative, collecting found objects and reusing old fabrics, papers and packaging. When I was young I spent many happy hours with my Mum making all sorts of things and in the summer holidays I can remember staying with my grandparents and having a super time being really creative, stitching with my grandmother and painting with my grandad.The current on-going trend of vintage makes me smile as I seem to have been living a life full of 'vintage' finds since I was a small girl. In the 1970's I had a lovely velvet jacket with lots of gold brocade trimming, I wonder whatever happened to that. My grandmother gave me lots of lovely old clothes and I still have several of them. Two silk blouses with lots of delicate hand embroidery, both of which I wore until they started to come apart and were too fragile. Chating to a close friend recently, she commented on how she remembered the lovely old clothes I used to wear and how I didn't like to follow what everyone else was doing - sounds a bit freeky doesn't it. I remember thinking that I looked quite classy and a bit chic, so I'll hold that thought.......


  1. I love vintage clothes too. In the late 70's early 80's I never bought any clothes that were new there was a fantastic shop in Blackburn called Echos that was stuffed full of the most beautful garments, it is getting harder to find any decent Vintage clothes shops.I still have some pieces...that I cherish and still wear.
    Just recently I have started making a range a vintage coloured inspired necklaces to sit alongside my other ranges.In particular I have been using a beautiful shade of green which is not disimilar to 50's bakerlite.
    All my jewellery is created from paper beads which I handroll from specialist papers and then string with semi precious stones,glass and silver.Paper bead rolling is its self a Victorian craft,I love the fact that I am using a piece of history and giving it a modern twist.

  2. I agree with you, so much of what we are seeing at the moment is 'vintage style' not true vintage, it take some serious searching to find the real thing. I must admit the pieces we have kept over the years are too precious to part with. I used to make most of my own clothes in the 1970's and still have every pattern I bought and I'm so glad I have.
    Your jewellery sounds really interesting, I have made paper beads also myself. I have stitched on the paper prior to rolling and also made silk paper, dyed and stitched it before rolling.